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Hello there!
I'm Niccolò Pemberton, freelance embellishment designer and Industrial Design graduate, active in the fashion and footwear industries since 2015.

This website isn't a portfolio or a resume; rather, it represents a "behind the scenes" of my modus operandi; in the "videos" section you can watch live demo recordings of some of the software solutions I developed to tackle any request with speed and dexterity: a collection of scripts, macros and techniques wrapped up in a simple and comprehensible user interface.

Most of these tools are useful for bidimensional design with circular media (hotfix rhinestones, studs and spangles), since it's with this kind of material I find myself to work with mostly; but I am also versed in image manipulation, laser cutting and engraving, 3d modeling, rendering and rapid prototyping (3d printing).

In addition to the design service, I also evaluate proposals concerning consulting and teaching.